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Economics of a wardrobe

How, as a season presses close, the previous season will slowly move back into the realm of retail through eBay and the like. You know that saying, “make your money work for you,” well I admire your industrious nature, and how you make your clothes work for more clothes.

High rotation

There’s an internal clock that ticks over when it’s time to change from look to look. It’s like a shift in the seasons, or how you know you’re just about to get your period. The change comes, and everything is different.

Making Do

I’ve been pushed out of my vanilla phase, but it’s not been by my own choosing. Nothing challenges a clothing-conscious person more like a limited and mismatched wardrobe. Have you ever just had to make do with what you’ve got?

Climbing out of a sartorial rut

One minute, you’ve been dressing simply for a few months, then all of sudden you’re turning 40 and you’ve been wearing the same three-quarter-sleeve Breton tee for 15 years.

The day I turned vanilla

I don’t mean to be a reverse racist, but have you ever just looked in the mirror and been like “damn I look so totally like a ‘white person’ should today.” I don’t even know if that is a thing, because I am not white, but I always wonder if it’s harder to be “casual-chic” when you’re Caucasian.