A pant toast

Dear bottom-halves,

As the weather gets colder and I find myself more frequently flipping the bird to the breezy dresses and skirts that seemed such saviours in the warmer months, I can’t help but ponder: What can I wear to cover my scaly, pasty winter legs that is work-appropriate yet doesn’t commit to the yawn-inducing attire of a female secretary?

The go-to here, some will argue, are those sturdy cotton pants originally sported by factory workers, but which are now favoured by everyone in the entire world, and are more affectionately known as jeans. But after wearing the same pair for the approximately 34 days since winter officially began – the permanent bum impressions and worn out knees are becoming a tad unsightly (and even I’m not that lazy).

For want of rolling out of bed, still in pyjamas, and slumping to work, the more appropriate solution seems simple – a relaxed fit, tapered toward the ankle, elasticated-with draw-string and high-waisted article of clothing. Sound an awful lot like sweats, no? Meet the boat pant – the sartorially-acceptable counterpart of the trackies.

My favourite pair – which are among the oldest pieces of clothing in my wardrobe – are of a particularly outrageous pink-and-orange floral, courtesy of Karen Walker circa 2010. Juliette Hogan, SGC and Lonely Hearts have all followed in Karen’s magnificently slouchy lead. Winter, try as you might to have me sobbing into my bed sheets, I have you solved.



P.S. Although not officially pyjamas, there’s no guarantee others will not mistake them for being so (especially said floral pairs).


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