Hair v. Ear

Dear earrings,

Regardless of how shiny or extravagantly elaborate, the timeless accessory staple has an inability to hold a permanent position on the ears of many girls. Why? We sacrifice having embellishments on the sides of our faces for bangs so moody they have their own therapist. It’s a battle of hair versus ear.

My emo side sweep morphed into a blunt bang when I was around fifteen. I wasn’t quite ready to let the world see my eyes and forehead just yet, but I was definitely sick of bitches stealing my look – which I had stolen off some SoCal Myspace princess. Life was great. Except the feud between hair and ear was brewing.

Along with my overly emotive haircut, I also had a stretcher in my right ear. Man, was I cool. But how was anyone ever supposed to see my beautiful gaping ear hole when my haircut was blocking taking limelight? There was definitely NO WAY anyone can ever get the chance to see my whole face. I realised there was no point to my devotion to my earlobes then and there. Hair won over ear that day, and my two sets of piercings went on early retirement.

Girls with wide-set faces and clever haircuts all over the world, I feel your pain. We’ve scarified dangly trends, gold studs, too-big-to-be-real pearls and easy birthday presents for our haircuts. Our ears have never seen the light of day. Instead they are safely hidden behind shaggy side layers or low and loose ponytails.

Now, I don’t think I’m going to let go of my hair any time soon, and I won’t ever be dashing around with a slicked back-do, but something in me is changing. How? Today I am going to get my ears pierced again.

Maybe the battle between hair and ear will never be settled. But compromises can be made. Gold hoops can protrude from a forest of hair. Diamantes can glisten in the darkness. So without giving up my fringe, I’m giving earrings another chance.




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