Climbing out of a sartorial rut

Dear yawn-inducing dressers,

Dressing in a way that screams bland or basic is all-too-achievable for a generic Caucasian like myself.

Sure, a Zara windbreaker paired with yoga tights or cropped pants would look clean and to-the-point, but what then distinguishes me from any other juice-sipping mum walking down Ponsonby Road?

It’s something I’ve endeavoured to maintain; choosing pieces that reflect my individual style in the face of stretchy pants and Nike Free Runs.

And while I don’t think there’s any harm in purchasing safe items from time to time (for some reason, the only thing I’ve felt like wearing this winter is an oversized Mango herringbone jacket with jeans and a t-shirt) it’s easy to get stuck in a sartorial rut. One minute, you’ve been dressing simply for a few months, then all of sudden you’re turning 40 and you’ve been wearing the same three-quarter-sleeve Breton tee for 15 years.

Here are three ways to identify whether you’re heading into a black hole:

1. You buy more than one of the same item (including in different colours) “because it just goes with everything in my wardrobe”.

2. You wear the same clothing combination three or more times in one week, and you’re not on holiday.

3. You start shopping at Portmans because they have a good selection of pencil skirts.

If you identified with any of these here points, don’t panic. You can still salvage what’s left of your style by backing away from the mall and looking to the French for inspiration; those ladies always manage to nail chic vanilla dressing without looking basic.




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