Making Do

Dear white friend,

Deep down in my heart, I’ve never hash-tagged you ‘vanilla’, but it’s interesting to hear the battle between being classic and being common.

I’ve been pushed out of my vanilla phase, but it’s not been by my own choosing. Nothing challenges a clothing-conscious person more like a limited and mismatched wardrobe. Have you ever just had to make do with what you’ve got?

Every morning I look at the few pieces hanging next to my bed, and the big pile of mess hidden behind a wardrobe door and think, “what the fuck am I going to wear today?” This is not the typical “what the fuck” while surrounded by an endless combination of outfits – this is a sincere lack of choice after exhausting every possible item of clothing. This is the kind of “what the fuck” that comes from living out of a single suitcase.

Since moving countries, the only thing I’ve fully unpacked is the outrageous number of shoes I have. None of them are that great, but the thought of down-sizing is out of this world – so there they all sit, in a neat mess under my bed. While integral to an outfit, my abundance in shoes has not elevated my problem with my lack of options for everything else.

This means not only have I exhausted all my usual ‘vanilla’ style go-to’s, I’ve had to really push the boundaries of what I considered acceptable combinations of clothing. Structured stripe top, with galaxy-printed-soft-pants? Sure. Super high waisted leather shorts to work? Why not! Leather jackets every day of the week? Yes. Yes! YES!

To be honest, I never thought so many items of clothing could ‘go’ together, but it’s made me realise that the only thing limiting myself has been me. With this thought in mind, I’ve also come to realise that I haven’t purchased anything in a long time. I could attribute this to my lack of funds, but I’d also like to think that since my last splurge at Uniqlo during what I’d like to call ‘vanilla-time,’ I’ve made do with what I’ve got, and whatever that is, I’m making the most of it.

Sincerely yours,

Phase over.


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