High rotation

Dear Putting on clothes everyday,

For me it’s the leather jacket, and button up shirt. My current (and ever expanding) wardrobe allows for an endless combination of the two. Black silk with a little cropped number, white linen with an oversized accompaniment.

There’s an internal clock that ticks over when it’s time to change from look to look. It’s like a shift in the seasons, or how you know you’re just about to get your period. The change comes, and everything is different. The boxy look no longer has the same allure as it did yesterday, the sleeves a bit too big, the shoulders too wide. And so that particular jacket goes, back into rotation, until it’s called upon once more.

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates a girl who wears the same dress during every encounter they have. Jerry is driven to madness, and I wonder if that’s what I do to people too. Sometimes I feel like pointing out to co-workers and acquaintances that “this leather jacket is different to the leather jacket you saw me in last time…OKAY?!”

While I would like to think that maybe the leather jacket is to me, what the pompadour is to Suzy Menkes, I don’t think I’m going to be making my mark in the fashion scene with such an ‘on-trend’ piece. What used to be a daring choice is currently in a phase where it’s deemed “classic” and “essential.” And while I cringe as I see ill-fitting pleather wanna-bes stroll past on the streets, I’m counting down the minutes until the leather-look jackets vanish off the fast-fashion shelves, so I may bask once again in the rarity of a good leather jacket.

As summer approaches, however, I may have to unwillingly put away my snooty attitude and my leather jackets. Nothing can really disrupt a good rotation – except the weather.

The weather can disrupt most things.


Roasting and rotating (still).


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