In defence of the groin crease

Dear chronic ironers,

If Seinfeld is a book of teachings masquerading as a hilarious American sitcom, one of the most valuable lessons it preaches is how best to wear pants.

I’m not referring to the classic jeans and sneakers combo that Jerry favours (although I’m not disregarding that as a bold sartorial move) so much as looking at how his taller, fruit-loving companion tackles the subject. There’s a particular episode in which Kramer makes a discovery about how to keep his slacks looking freshly pressed for longer: he only puts his trousers on until the moment he’s about to leave the house, and not a second before. Less time for wrinkling, you see.

If you take the episode at face value, one might embrace the advice dished out by Kramer and walk around the house in mere briefs. But if history is anything to go by, everything that lank does is ridiculous, and the sitcom is actually poking fun at practises in which keeping up appearances trumps all common sense, decency and self-respect.

The other day I was flicking through a few street style pictures and I paused at a picture of Hanneli Mustaparta. For those who aren’t familiar, Mustaparta is one of those women who is as tongue-waggingly attractive as she is stylish, each outfit so enviable it deserves its own Instagram following. But my hesitation wasn’t induced by a green-eyed monster, rather what caught my eye about this picture was a rare sight in street style: imperfection.

The creasing in Mustaparta’s outfit was so real it looked as if she could have been wearing her clothes for an actual period of time. Maybe she had been running errands? Using public transport? She may have even stooped to pick up a small fortune on the street, causing wrinkles to appear on her impeccable two-piece?

I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of stooping. As a result, my groin is more frequently than not severely creased come lunchtime. But in the same way crow’s feet show a life well-laughed, I like to think that the horizontal lines framing my neither regions show a day well-lived.

It was refreshing to see an honest example of how clothes look on people, rather than the overly-staged glimpses of sartorial perfection normally seen in street style.┬áPersonally, I’d rather actually wear my pants than take Kramer’s word as gospel.



Wearing Penny Sage jumpsuit, Isabel Marant jacket, Mansur Gavriel tote bag.


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